Are you a contractor or do you repair problems we may find? Will you recommend someone?

National ethical standards set forth by leading certification bodies forbid home inspectors from performing repairs on homes they inspect because of the obvious conflict of interest implications unless it is at least six months after the inspection. Most can and do provide for their clients a list of potential service companies. Real estate agents may also provide clients with a list of contractors.

How long will it take to inspect my home in Nashville or Middle Tennessee?

A typical home inspection for a three bedroom two bath home should take approximately three hours. Age, size, crawlspace or full basement, different types of heat and air units and other variables may add time or speed up the process.

What type of report should I expect from the home inspection and when will I receive it?

Click to View Sample Report

Click to View Sample Report

I supply my clients with a comprehensive computer generated report complete with color pictures and a convenient summary page. In some cases, it is necessary for a client to have the finished report the same day as the home inspection. Which I can do. Normally, I prefer to do a "walk through" with them immediately following the inspection to go over anything that appears to be cause for concern and build the report later that night. This simply gives me a chance to go back over all my photos and notes to make sure I haven't missed anything. I'll then either e-mail the report or get together with the customers the following day.

Is it okay to call after the home inspection with questions and is there an extra charge?

It is important that your inspector is there for you after the inspection process. Often there are questions or concerns that may need clarification. Most inspectors will not charge for this service, however, most inspectors will charge for a "re-inspection" which normally only happens when one or more of the utilities are turned off during the original inspection.

Do you guarantee satisfaction?

Yes. A home inspector is a pivotal instrument in establishing peace of mind for the buyer. A large part of my job is to address any and all concerns a client might have.

Do you have any additional training or certifications?

Yes. I have taken additional educational courses in EIFS and Stucco, Radon Detection, Real Estate Collaborative Specialist – Divorce, as well as being a member of InterNACHI.